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Sicheadphones trusts in its products altogether. We provide our customers with top-notch products which are aligned with international standards. That's why we offer a complete one-year warranty to our customers. Our business values keep the customer always on the top priority. That's why we have well-established and easy warranty period support.


One-year warranty specifications-

The products purchased on Sicheadphones come with a one-year warranty unless and until stated otherwise in the product description in any particular case. The warranty period starts immediately after the original date of purchase.

· The warranty includes complete replacement of the product if the defect has arisen due to any issues from our end, such as no sound delivery on one side of the headphone. However, if such issues arise after the warranty period, we offer case-by-case servicing per our company guidelines.

· Our refund period comprised of one week or 7 days. You can refer to our refund policies for more information.


Issue resolution alternatives

· What if I am not happy with the sound or style of the headphones?

In such case, we offer you a refund and return solution within 7 days of purchasing the product. You can read more about our refund policy on our website. However, after 7 days, the refund won't be accepted for such reasons.

· What if my headphones stop working correctly after the arrival?

For such concerns, you can send us a direct email with a detailed description of your issue. You will need to add your order detail and the order number from the original confirmation email.

· What if my headphones have broken down?

The physical damage to the product is considered user-inflicted. However, for us, our customers come as the top priority. That's why we offer partial credit, which provides 50% discounts on purchasing a new set of headphones.

However, if you think the issue has arisen from our end, then you can write us about it through an email. We will do our best to resolve your issue.

· What if my issue is different from what is mentioned here?

In such a case, please email us, and we will revert with the best possible solution for you.