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Sicheadphones is dedicated to offering you the best service experience. That's why we take the best practice implementation as our terms of use to ensure safety, service, and quality.

Information that we take

At some point, Sicheadphones may request your personal information. Personal information includes things like address, name, gender, email, and other information. In order to process orders and give you the best service we can, we use your information. You could be asked for your email address or other forms of contact in order to subscribe. This enables you to learn about any upcoming Sciheadphones launches or developments.

In order to process your order, we might need to know some of your personal information. This serves as a means of verification. Additionally, if you take part in contests, promotions, chat rooms, etc., we may use this personal information to get in touch with you. Sicheadphones might also need you to provide some information regarding your demographic information. This information might be used for promotional purposes to provide a personalized experience.


Cookies help gather information about the users' visits to a website. We use cookies to understand your preferences and help you offer a more customized and personalized experience.

Automated gathering of information

Some specific information is collected by the site through automation when you interact with it. This includes information like your IP address, mobile device, etc. In addition, we might also receive some other information regarding your physical location through our third-party service providers or integrations.

Information shared by a third party

When you interact with your website, some of your actions might allow you to interact with third-party applications. For example, suppose you are sharing one of our products by using WhatsApp and interacting with the platform as a third-party service provider. Some of your specific information will also come under their access region.

Use of your information

We prioritize the privacy of our customers, which is why we implement all the best practices for protecting and safeguarding our customers' information. Our practice includes following the guidelines under the Data Protection Legislation and this privacy policy. In addition, we might incorporate your information to provide you with customized experiences and preferences. We might also contact you through email or phone to deliver any new developments in the company. This includes promotions of new products, launches, etc.  

Protecting your data

We take a number of security precautions to safeguard and defend your information from breaches. We save the data we collect from you in secure network configurations. Furthermore, only a select group of individuals are permitted access, even within our management. To protect your privacy, the information is fully kept secret. You should be aware that there is always a chance that third parties will steal your information if you provide it online. We take all necessary precautions to safeguard your data from them. However, we make no promises against it. That's why while giving your information to us, you provide us your consent for this.

Disclosure of personal information

Our company never sells, gives, or transfers any of your information to a third party without first getting your consent other than mentioned here. All of our data management procedures adhere to and are compliant with the most recent data protection laws. However, we might provide them access to your information if a legal body directs us to do so or if you've broken one of our rules.

Development in policy

The terms of usage are established following careful deliberation by our management. Our first goal is to protect client information from theft or unauthorized access. As a result, we make sure that all of our procedures comply with the most recent data legislation in our country. Because of this, the creation of such rules may motivate us to modify our privacy and terms of service policies. We may choose to create the policies from our management end as well. If there is such a change or development, you will be notified via email or another method of contact. We still suggest you to routinely examine the policies so that you are aware of any updates, modifications, or developments to our company's rules.