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Refund policy

After a consumer makes a purchase, Sicheadphones makes sure they receive the best support possible. We value our relationships with our clients greatly, which is why we have a 7-day return or refund policy. We also provide a one-year warranty on all of our products.

Every one of our products is designed to provide top-notch functionality and performance. However, if the consumer still has problems with the goods for some reason, you can return them right away.

How do I make a return request?

You need to write us a mail within 7 days of the period after the original purchase date. You will need to submit all the details of your order in the mail. After approval of the return request from our end, you will receive your refund money back from the same payment method.

Guidelines for refund or return policy

• Seven days from the initial date of purchase is the deadline for making a return request.

• When sending a return request via mail, you must include a compelling justification.

• For quicker processing, be sure to include all the necessary order-related information in the mail, such as the order ID, billing information, a receipt, etc.

• We are ineligible to cover any shipping costs incurred by the customer for expedited or speedier shipping. The cost of return shipping must be covered by the purchaser.

• Include all of the product's original packaging and accessories or parts that were included with it when returning the item. If you have bought something in a bundle, then you need to return all the components of the bundle with the original packaging.

· Once, we will receive the product in our warehouse, we will process the refund transaction through the original mode of payment. If you applied any coupons or discounts, then you will receive the same amount back as you paid initially.