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Wireless Gaming Over-Ear Headphones B130
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Model B130
Market Price $ 199.00
Present price $ 199.00
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  • 3D Reality Audio
  • Wide-range Compatibility
  • Ultra Low Audio Latency
  • Adjustable Earcups & Foldable Design
  • 30 hours max play
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Goods description

If your budget is around 200 dollars, there are no wireless gaming headphones in the market that can match up to the level of B130. With Excellent bass, superbly built-in quality, and outstanding durability, the B130 wireless gaming headphone is the best product. So without second thoughts, get one for smooth gaming, clear communication, and balanced audio. 

Product Feature and Specifications: 

1. Available in the standard shade of black

2. Is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0

3. The item is exceptionally lightweight with just 280g 

4. 1000 long-lasting mAh Batteries 


Surround yourself with 3-D audio

Once you put on the headphones, you will be transported to the world of excellency. 

Balanced audio output with Warden I

The specific volume optimization active E.Q. presents you with balanced audio output. As a result, the bass is consistent, and the music is high quality even when the volume is reduced or maximized.

Great Compatibility with all devices

A three-way connection is possible with Bluetooth 5.0, a 3.5 mm audio cable, and a transmitter. It is easy to connect a wide range of devices to it.

Ultra Low Audio Latency for excellent quality music to reach your ears

The audio latency can reach as low as 100ms with B130.


Goods attribute
  • Color black
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Item Weight 280g
  • Batteries 1000mAh
  • Brand Supsoo
  • Model Name B130
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