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When looking for a keyboard it is most important to look for one that offers the ebstquality features at an affordable price. Next it is important to consider what exact use you require a keyboard for, along with the key layout, key press type, keyboard and key size. Moreover, it is also important to keep in  mind the warranty type, along with extra featureslike customizable options, back lights, notification panels, extra keys, and much more.

Need a keyboard for work? Or for a comfortable gaming experience? Or do you require a dynamic keyboard for both? To help you make the right choice for yourself, here is a list of the top 10 keyboards from across the diverse range of keyboards.

Best Low-Cost On kwyboard

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



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SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



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BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard

and Backlit Mouse Combo



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HyperX Pudding Keycaps - Double Shot

PBT Keycap Set with Translucent Layer



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Elgato Stream Deck – Custom A 15 Pack of LCD

Key with Live Content Create Controller



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Nowadays, due to technological advancements, a lot of options are available to users in terms of keyboards. One can find a range of different types of keyboards online. There are many reasons why one might require a keyboard. Finding the right kind of keyboard is always a tough job, especially when so many seemingly wonderful options are available out there. There are many kinds of keyboards and differentiated keyboard categories like wired keyboards, wireless keyboards, gaming keyboards, standard keyboards and what not.


1. Logitech Signature K650 Keyboard: This comfortable and stylish keyboard is affordable and comfortable. This wireless keyboard offers a convenient typing experience with light keys, is extremely light-weight,  and comes with Bluetooth 5.1 interface, and Logi Bolt USB Reciever.
Price: over $ 88

2. Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard: A fast, responsive, and wired keyboard, Razer’s latest keyboard comes with RGB back lighting, a durable design, and a comfortable wrist rest. It has super comfortable keys, excellent response rate, and is perfect for all kinds of use.
Price: over $ 270

3. Keychrom K3 Keyboard: The new Keychron 3 Bluetooth keyboard might be a 75% keyboard but it offers a dynamic user experience with its great mechanical switches, LED back-lights, customizable options. It also lets you pick which device you are using through a switch at the back with MacOS, Windows, and Android options.
Price: over $ 94.99

4. NZXT Function Keyboard: This full-size wired gaming keyboard comes with mechanical switches and offers great customization options. It comes with a number pad and is extremely light-weight. It has a soft key press and a sleek design. It also has back lighting along with  ergonomic features.
Price: over $ 79.99

5. Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard: This compact keyboard contains a USB wireless receiver interface. It has a durable and robust finish and can be easily setup in no time. It offers a convenient typing experience with light key presses.
Price: over $ 48.99

6. DAS Keyboard 5QS Keyboard: This new keyboard has an extremely high-quality appearance, with smart notification features and has premium keys. It comes along with a detachable wrist rest and customizable light features. It can even give alerts if the CPU is getting too hot or if you are running out of disk space.
Price: over $ 199

7. iClever BK10 Multi device Bluetooth Keyboard: This iClever keyboard allows you to connect with three devices at the same time and provides for a seamless switch between device through its smart panel keys on the top. It comes with a slim body and a stylish design, with a responsive key press and a long, durable battery life. It is a full sized keyboard, and is extremely budget friendly compared to its counterparts.
Price: over $ 34

8. Corsair STRAFE RGB MX Keyboard: This wired keyboard comes with mechanical switches, a robust and durable steel design, excellent typing accuracy, and is also perfect for gaming. It has MX Red switches along with dedicated gaming key sets.  It also has RGB back lights and is an excellent option.
Price: over $ 229.99

9. Unicomp New Model M Keyboard: This wired interface keyboard comes with a sleek retro design, a coil spring key cap design, and provides a nice typing experience. Its robust keys do make some click-clack noise, but it has a great response rate time and comes at an affordable price, making it a good choice to go for.
Price: over $ 104.00

10. Steel Series Apex 7 TKL Keyboard: This amazing wired fast response rate keyboard comes with exceptional quality mechanical switches, a durable aluminium-made frame, and is suitable for all kinds of usage, especially gaming. It also has options to customize keys, back lit keys, and contains an LED display for system alerts. It has a light key press.
Price: over $ 129.77

 Keyboards are an important part of computer console. Your comfort always comes first when purchasing any keyboard. So without wasting more time, get a keyboard perfect for all your need to enjoy a seamless and convenient keyboard experience. 

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