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How To Choose Different Types Of Keyboards?
11/30/2022 14:35:01 758

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Keyboards are an important part of our computer consoles. They are also the first and most noticeable thing about a person's work flow. Distinguishing from their historic counterparts, i.e.  typewriters, they have evolved and transformed into various types. These different keyboard categories can be grouped by their sizes, number of keys, design, key placement, build quality, and many more.

With the digital age we live in, it is pretty important to find out which design works the best for you. To help you make an informed decision, here are the different keyboard categories differences.



Different Types Of Keyboards

 Based on Keyboard Size: Keyboard categories differences based on sizes are as follows:

Full Size Keyboards: These keyboards are generally used in offices or required if one needs to deal with big data and numbers. These have extra individual functional keys and arrow keys between the alphabet-pad and number-pad.

Compact- 96% Keyboard: Slightly smaller than the full sized keyboard, it comes minus the extra individual functional keys. They have a similar layout like the full-sized keyboard, but all the keys in a compact keyboard are grouped together with slightly less space.

Compact Keyboard: The compact keyboards are again of different types depending upon the total number of keys. Some don’t have the extra number keys; while some are minus the functional keys, which are generally grouped with the F keys.

Macro Keyboards: These kinds of keyboard only contain the main alphabet keys along with functional keys, or just a small number pad, or they might only contain a limited number of functional keys.

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Based on Key Layout: Now, there are many different keyboard layouts, with each region or people developing their own set of layouts. Keyboard categories differences based on layouts are given below.

QWERTY Keyboard: The most common kind of keyboard, the first line of the alphabet keys starts with the letter arrangement- Q W E R T Y.

QWERTZ Keyboard: This layout is mostly used in the Central European region. This keyboard contains the letter Z in place of the letter Y in the QWERTY keyboard.

AZERTY Keyboard: This keyboard is mostly used in the regions France and Belgium and the keyboard arrangement is a lot different than the QWERTY keyboard.


Based on Connectivity: Keyboard categories differences based on connectivity are as follows:

Wired Keyboard: The most general kind of keyboard, it connects with the computer or the laptop, or any other device via a USB cord. These are add-on devices and don’t require an additional power source.

Wireless Keyboards: These keyboards connect to the computer or the laptop or any other device via Bluetooth connection, or radio frequency, or infrared. This is a great option that provides additional mobility and can be used on the go easily.

 USB Keyboards: These kinds of keyboards connect to your device via a small USB dongle. It does not require any WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, but rather transmits a signal between the keyboard and the main device.

Based on Use: Keyboard categories differences based on their use are:

Normal use keyboards: These keyboards are normal keyboards, designed for daily use. These come in the most general design. They can , however, differ in size.

Gaming Keyboards: These are designed especially for an efficient and convenient gaming experience. They are built with extra-durable materials and designed for long-hour use. They come with added elements that can help provide an avid gaming experience.

Flexible Keyboards: These are made for use on-the-go, and offer similar features as the standard keyboard. They can be easily rolled up and stored, and are generally water resistant.


Based on Design: Keyboard categories differences based on design are:

Mechanical Keyboards: They have a similar layout and design to that of an old-school typewriter. The keys are separate and have separate individual springs.

Ergonomic Keyboards: These are made with extra durable material, and designed to lessen the strain on hands and fingers. The layout is generally different from the standard keyboard, to provide ease of movement.

Backlit Keyboards: This keyboard comes along with a built-in light-emitting keys for easier typing in low-lit areas. Backlit keys are generally found on gaming keyboards.

Membrabe Keyboards: These kind of keyboards have no spaces between individual keys. The alphabets and characters are present on a flat surface, with the keys being pressure-sensitive. They are noise-less and comfortable.


Keyboard categories differences have become varied in terms of shapes, sizes, use, etc. Whatever keyboard you go for, one thing to be kept in mind is that one should always buy keyboards that are comfortable, affordable, and efficient as per one’s requirements.


Keyboards are the most important for an excellent user experience. No matter what use you have, or where you are working from, investing in the right keyboard is of critical importance!

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