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6 Best Numeric keypads For 2022-Satechi,X-DODD and more
12/16/2022 14:49:30 956





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Computers, what would we do without them? Nowadays it has become unthinkable to do without it, since the list of things that can be achieved with it is almost unlimited. From small tasks such as reading, writing, discussing, playing games to more large as programming, gathering information, configuring statistics, there is no doubt that we could do many things with a computer.


Although they are all very useful, computers are not the same and cannot be useful for the same things. Indeed, there are criteria in particular of power and capacity that differentiate them, but also criteria of appearance or choice. So you may find yourself with a computer that, for example, does not have a touch screen when it is currently very fashionable, or more simply, a computer that does not have a numeric keypad.

The absence of the latter in particular can be quite inconvenient, especially if you want to record numerical data quickly and easily. If you find yourself in this situation, there is a very simple solution. Instead of simply switching PCs or buying a complete external keyboard, you can resort to a simple numeric keypad. Very easy to use, this tool is the perfect solution to your problem. If you are looking for such a device, then you have come to the right page. In fact, I have planned for you a mini test opinion of the three best numeric keypads currently available on the market. So let's go for our comparison and buying guide of the best numeric keypads.

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Satechi Keypad-best numeric keypad,slim, easy to carry, rugged and ergonomic

Satechi Keypad Slim Portable Aluminum Bluetooth Keypad, with 18-Key, Keyboard Extension for Excel and Numbers Data Entry.

The best numeric keypad in the market, product of SATECHI brand (known for producing high quality pc accessories at a very good price). Its wireless numeric keypad made of aluminium is the right tool to expand your standard alphabetic keyboard without complications.

This keyboard is a wireless device. To connect to your computer, it uses Bluetooth technology, which allows it a very high speed of information transmission. This speed therefore translates into a very short latency time between the moment you press the buttons and the moment the characters appear on the screen. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, this numeric keypad is compatible with all types of PCs, whether Windows or Mac. It will allow you to keep your workspace tidy, whatever the model of your PC.

With its elegant appearance and design, it is both a cutting-edge tool and a classy tool to hold in your hands. In fact, its delicate and refined design and very slim dimensions make it a very easy tool to move around. So you can store it anywhere and take it with you. Whether it's in your backpack, a briefcase or even a handbag, with this model you can have access to your keyboard wherever you are.

In addition to being slim, easy to carry, rugged and ergonomic, this keypad also features a rechargeable battery. Indeed, it includes a rechargeable lithium battery, which also offers a battery life of no less than two weeks, all for a charging time of just one or two hours. What's more, if you don't use it after a continuous period of 1 hour, it automatically shuts off to save energy.

Working wirelessly, made of aluminium and thanks to that endowed with a super thin and delicate profile, this numeric keypad is also available in quite a wide range of colours. Thus, you have the possibility to get it in gold, space gray or even silver. Finally, with a very long-lasting rechargeable battery and an ergonomic tilt possible thanks to the small pads present on its base, there is no doubt that this numeric keypad will seduce you very quickly.

 X-DODD Numeric Keyboard - Mini,compatible with all types of PC, MacOS and iOS

In second place in our comparison, we find the X-DODD Wireless Mini USB 2.4GHz Wireless Mini USB 2.4GHz Numeric Keyboard with nano-receiver for iMac / MacBook, MacBook Air , Pro Notebook PC desktop notebook.

With a sophisticated and very ergonomic design, it features 18 keys to make it easy for you to enter data and create your spreadsheets. With its Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connection, this pad is compatible with all types of PC, MacOS and iOS. Recharge its lithium battery and enjoy the convenience for almost two weeks.

Like the satechi, this number pad is wireless and therefore connects to your PC via a nano USB receiver. This connects it to your PC via a 2.4 GHz connection, providing a powerful, stable and very fast connection. Thanks to the aforementioned nano receiver, you get a tool that is completely resistant to interference and allows you to work in peace.

With 18 full standard keys, it includes special keys such as backspace or numpad, very practical for fast typing. These keys can be easily removed to ensure a complete maintenance of your keyboard. It is powered by one AAA type battery, and to save as much power as possible it will go into standby mode after 10 minutes of non-use. It is also made of ABS plastic and has rubber loops on its base to prevent slipping. Compatible with most currently existing operating systems, like Windows or Mac.

Compatible with various operating systems (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8, 10 NoteBook PC, MacBook Laptop), this wireless numeric keypad is equipped with excellent 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology. Convenient, simple and easy to clean, the X-DODD numeric keypad has 18 AAA battery-powered keys that ensure flawless data entry and significantly improved productivity.

Perixx Peripad-202. USB Numeric Keyboard with 2 USB Hub and Tab key. Full Size 19 Keys 

Now it is time to move on to number three in this comparison. In third place, therefore, we find the PERIXX Peripad-202 numeric keypad. As good quality as the satechi, this numeric keypad will give you full satisfaction, whatever the support of your computer.

Thanks to its 19 mm standard size keys, you will have no difficulty in finding your way around and you will never run the risk of making mistakes. Its 19 keys allow you to work both fast and precise. Characterizing this numeric keypad and differentiating it from others, it has a double zero key (00) and a num lock key. The latter, when the keypad is paired with your PC, can also lock the upper numeric keys of your alphabetic keyboard. This may seem paradoxical since the purpose of an external keyboard is to be independent of the rest of the system, but it can save you a lot of time when you are in a hurry.

To use this numeric keypad you will need virtually nothing. In fact, no driver is required for its operation, you will only need to plug it in and that's it.

As for comfort, this numeric keypad features a small pad on its front base that allows it to offer you a slight ergonomic tilt. Thanks to this, you are sure not to strain your wrist and be able to work for a long time without problems.

Finally, you should know that this keyboard, available only in black, is compatible with any OS version you have. It will work fine with Windows or Mac. The only downside of this superb numeric keypad is its connection mode. Indeed, unlike the Satechi, it does not connect via a wireless link, but with a USB cable. This may reduce its freedom of movement and hinder some at the time of purchase.

Cimetech's keyboard-18 Key Portable Numeric Keyboard with Mini USB 2.4G Receiver for Laptop, Desktop, Surface Pro, PC.

Cimetech's keyboard is the best value for money as it complements a laptop keyboard. This wireless model comes with its mini Bluetooth receiver. Therefore, it connects very easily to your computer, but also to your digital tablet. Please note that it is not compatible with Mac. It does not need any installation driver to be operational.

This numeric keypad has a built-in tilt. It is therefore a little bulkier than the Satechi model with delicacy. It offers good responsiveness and appreciable typing comfort. An indicator light informs you of its battery level to avoid unpleasant surprises. This keyboard offers good value for money. It easily finds its place on your desk, along with its wireless mouse.

Rytaki: ultra-complete numeric keypad

This wireless numeric keypad offers you additional keys. Backspace, directional arrows for scrolling, screen capture, etc. With its 34 keys, this keyboard offers larger dimensions. It connects via Bluetooth 3.0 and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Therefore, it offers you more functions in one place. However, beware the calculation keys and function keys do not work on iOS.

This small Bluetooth keyboard recharges with the included micro-USB cable. Its small indicator lights let you know the battery status. Also included is an ON OFF button that allows you to turn the pad off when you are not using it. For better ergonomics, this numeric keypad has a slight tilt. Finally, the non-slip pads provide good stability.

MoKo Ultra Slim Mini USB 23-key Portable Numeric Keypad.

This numeric keypad has 23 keys, is wired and ultra slim. It is equipped with NumLock key, 00 key, calculation key, etc. Plug it in and enjoy, no controller required. It has an ergonomic tilt that provides comfort to reduce fatigue.

This Gateron numeric keypad features a comfortable ergonomic floating keypad with no casing design. Compared to other standard keyboards, the 21 keys extend to the top of the keyboard and contain the Esc, Tab, Backspace and FN buttons. 4 keys are reinforced in the digital section and therefore more digital functions can be performed via the key combination with Fn.

The Num Lock function is independent of any other currently connected keyboard. The mechanical keypad switch helps to ensure fast response. This mechanical numeric keypad has 4 modes and 6 backlight brightnesses that can be adjusted. By simultaneously pressing the Fn key and another key, you can change the backlight brightness. The perfect numeric keypad for gamers!

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